Tobacco Retailer Licensing: Critical Concepts for State and Local Governments

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  • David Schaibley, Tobacco Control Legal Consortium
  • Alicia Lerud, Nevada Office of the Attorney General
  • Maggie Mahoney, Tobacco Control Legal Consortium
  • Brent Saron, Harrison County Department of Home and Public Health
  • Ian McLaughlin, JD , Public Health Law & Policy
  • Jordan Mathis, SW Utah Public Health Department
  • Jeff Willet, New York Tobacco Control Program
Dave Schaibley, Alicia Lerud, Maggie Mahoney and Brent Saron discuss preemption and the interplay of local and state licensing through the lens of Nevada and Iowa policies. Ian McLaughlin talks about how to determine appropriate fee levels when implementing a licensing policy. Jordan Mathis discusses how Utah developed a licensing fee structure to reflect the variable cost involved with enforcing tobacco policies across localities.

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