From evidence-based description of the problem to advocacy materials to case studies about what’s happening all across the county with point of sale (POS) tobacco control, these resources and tools can assist you in countering commercial tobacco product sales and marketing in the retail setting.

Youth and Community Engagement Activities

86520883_cropCounter Tobacco’s Youth Engagement Activities, such as the “POS Scavenger Hunt,” or “Advocate Against Youth Targeting” are pre-packaged interactive lesson plans that include the tools necessary to outline the problem, collect the data, and present a compelling story about tobacco point of sale (POS) concerns to local decision makers and stakeholders. These activities help youth uncover point-of-sale issues and empower them to take an active role in spurring change in their communities, as well as help tobacco advocates mobilize youth to address and curb tobacco within their neighborhoods.


99942871Public Opinion Surveys

Conducting public opinion surveys is an important part of an overall community assessment and can help your community determine its point-of-sale tobacco control strategy.


Store Assessment Tools

vSTARS image[1] copyData collection is an important way to provide evidence for why point of sale tobacco control policies matter. Whether to assess public support or determine the scope of the problem, collecting data is an important step in POS policy work. There are multiple types of data that are useful to collect and multiple ways to collect it, including public opinion surveys and store assessments.


Evidence Summaries

% Total Sales Generated by Tobacco Products by Retail CategoryWhat does the evidence say? These reports on topics such as the current status of the US retail environment for tobacco, how to rebut economic arguments against POS policies, and where kids today see tobacco advertising can help inform media and awareness campaigns as well as inform work to counter tobacco marketing and sales in your community.



Interior_GlossaryNew to working to counteract tobacco product sales and marketing at the point of sale (POS)? Trying a new strategy? From “ad valorem excise tax” to “zoning,” this glossary of terms related to POS policy will help you sort through the jargon and sound like an expert in no time!


Stories from the Field

12791080_10153377133481127_132717085427040276_n (1)Cities and communities all across the county are working on and passing innovative policies and programs that counter tobacco marketing and sales in the retail setting. They provide great examples of how to develop, pass, and implement effective policies, run successful media and awareness campaigns, and fight the “War in the Store.” is a project of Counter Tools. Counter Tools (logo)