Why conduct public opinion surveys?

Conducting public opinion surveys is an important part of an overall community assessment and can help your community determine its point-of-sale tobacco control strategy. Public opinion surveys can be used to:

  • Measure initial support for tobacco control strategies.
  • Determine policies that require education and outreach campaigns to build support (i.e., those with lower levels of public support).
  • Assess community norms and assumptions to inform media campaigns and determine policy receptivity in the community [1]
  • Help determine how to frame your messaging when educating the community and advocating for the policy.
  • Evaluate effectiveness of education and outreach campaigns with follow-up data
  • Inform policy priorities. In general, policies with greater support are more likely to pass.
  • Provide data to advocate for policy change.
  • Evaluate the impact of policies.

How to conduct public opinion surveys

You can craft a public opinion survey specific to point-of-sale issues or you may be able to incorporate measures into existing surveys. When developing a public opinion survey, consider requesting the following information:

Examples of public opinion survey results

NYC Support for POS Tobacco Control Policies

Use of public opinion survey results

To learn more about how communities have used public opinion surveys, review the following resources:

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