Our photo gallery contains over 1000 images of retail stores, novel products, and maps that document the POS problem. Photos provide a powerful way to show advocates, policy makers and community members what is happening at the POS. Download photos (for FREE!) from the gallery to use as examples and evidence in your counter tobacco efforts.

Each year we host a photo contest to replenish the Counter Tobacco media gallery with fresh, up-to-date images, encouraging users to take photos of the point of sale. These images are crucial to educating the public and furthering the success of both state and local tobacco control efforts that seek to reduce tobacco industry activity at the point of sale.

Effective media campaigns can be a major force to promote positive behavior change. Media helps to build awareness and establish support for your campaign. Find print ads to support your work here.

Find videos to raise awareness about the issue, educate stakeholders and make the case for point of sale work in your own community. Or, use this gallery to find inspiration for your next advocacy project and make your own video!

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