Tobacco Industry Files Suit Against NYC

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GavelIn fall of 2013, New York City made history by proposing the most comprehensive set of point of sale tobacco legislation in the nation. Passage of the Sensible Tobacco Enforcement and Tobacco 21 bills increased minimum price for cigarettes and little cigars to $10.50 per pack, banned the redemption of coupons and other price discounting methods for tobacco products and raised the legal minimum age to buy tobacco products to 21.

In response, tobacco companies and several trade groups representing tobacco retailers have filed a suit against NYC in federal court. The suit seeks to block certain aspects of the Sensible Tobacco Enforcement bill from taking effect in March. This legal action does not challenge the statutes outlined under the Tobacco 21 bill.

The tobacco industry attempted a similar tactic in the case of Rhode Island, however the tobacco industry’s lawsuit was dismissed by the federal appeals court. is a project of Counter Tools. Counter Tools (logo)
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