August 2018 News and Research Roundup

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Welcome to’s “News and Research Roundup!” Each month we post a summary of the latest research, reports, and news stories on counteracting tobacco product sales and marketing at the point of sale (POS). Keeping up with what’s happening in the POS movement all across the country can help you choose policies and strategies that work best … Read More

Archived Webinar: POS & Youth Engagement

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On March 15, 2018, Counter Tools & hosted our 3rd quarterly webinar, which will focus on the impacts of youth in POS work and the best ways to engage youth around POS work.  Speaker: Robbyn Duchow of RD Consulting, formerly Iowa Department of Public Health. The webinar recording can be found here or below, and … Read More

2017 Photo Contest Winners Announcement

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We asked our audience to submit photos showcasing tobacco industry marketing tactics and promotional strategies at the point of sale (POS), and we received over 45 great photos from 11 states and even as far away as Pakistan. The entries cover a wide range of problems at the point of sale, and beyond just the contest, we … Read More

POS and Monograph 22: A Socioecological Approach to Tobacco-Related Health Disparities

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On September 12, 2017, National Cancer Institute (NCI) released Monograph 22: A Socioecological Approach to Addressing Tobacco-Related Health Disparities. Monograph 22 discusses the tobacco-related trends by identifiers such as age, race, and sexual orientation along with economic status as a means of discussing causes and potential solutions for tobacco-related health disparities (TRHD). While there has … Read More

New York City Passes Hookah Legislation

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Contributed by Luis Torres, MPH, of New York City Treats Tobacco On September 27th, 2017 the New York City Council continued its strong push towards protecting the health of all New Yorkers by voting to pass three new bills addressing Shisha/Hookah that will now be passed on for Mayor Bill de Blasio to sign into … Read More

Archived Webinar: The Health Impacts of E-cigarettes & What We All Should Know

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On September 28, Counter Tools held our first quarterly webinar, where we hosted guest presenters and research scientists, Dr. Ilona Jaspers, Dr. Flori Sassano from the UNC/Tobacco Centers of Regulatory Science (TCORS). They discussed their findings on what is in e-liquids used in e-cigarettes and other vaping devices as well as the possible impacts of e-liquids … Read More

Announcing the 2017 Photo Contest


Today marks the start of CounterTobacco’s 6th annual Photo Contest!  The tobacco industry spends nearly $1 million every hour to market their deadly products. The Surgeon General has concluded that exposure to this retail marketing encourages smoking and undermines quit attempts. And it’s happening in YOUR community. Each year, you help capture the tobacco industry’s marketing tactics at the point-of-sale, and … Read More

Fact Check: Minneapolis Coalition of Neighborhood Retailers Ad Against Proposed Local Menthol Ordinance

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In Minneapolis, The Coalition for Neighborhood Retailers (Coalition) has released a full-page ad urging residents to support their neighborhood retailers by telling council members to vote “no” on a menthol ordinance that would restrict the sale of menthol flavored tobacco products to tobacco shops that serve people age 18 and over. The ad features a … Read More is a project of Counter Tools. Counter Tools (logo)