World No Tobacco Day Theme Draws Attention to Point-of-Sale Issues Worldwide

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World no tobacco day_2013_posterMay 31 is The World Health Organization’s World No Tobacco Day. This year’s theme, Free Yourself– Ban Tobacco Advertising, Promotion and Sponsorship, sheds light on the increasing importance of point-of-sale tobacco control worldwide.

Across the globe, 78% of youth 13-15 years old report regular exposure to tobacco advertising, promotion, and sponsorship[1].  The 2012 Surgeon General’s Report concludes that these tobacco industry advertisements and promotions, to which the majority of youth are exposed, cause youth to start smoking and make it harder to quit.

Find out more about the World No Tobacco Day campaign to ban tobacco advertising, promotion and sponsorship including key messagesposters and videos, and a report highlighting what you need to know about point-of-sale tobacco control on the global scale. Read the CDC’s World No Tobacco Day feature “Protect Youth From Tobacco Marketing.

Want to get involved?  Find a youth engagement activity for May 31st, explore policy solutions to help limit tobacco marketing, advertising and promotions in your community or see what the Store of the Future could look like!





[1] Global Youth Tobacco Survey Collaborative Group. Tobacco use among youth: a cross country comparison. Tobacco Control, 2002, 11:252-270 (doi:10.1136/tc.11.3.252). is a project of Counter Tools. Counter Tools (logo)
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