Flavors (including Menthol), Product Availability, Youth

Pineapple-, watermelon-, and strawberry-flavored tobacco products might seem as fun and innocent as a day at the park, but students from the Community Health Advocates School (CHAS) at August Hawkins High School help us look past the colorful packaging to the dangerous and unhealthy reality of flavored cigarillos, busting the myth that they aren’t as harmful as cigarettes.
Productos de Tabaco con sabor de piña-, sandía- y fresa podrían parecer tan divertidos e inocentes como un día en el parque, pero estudiantes de Augustus Hawkins High School reventando el mito que los cigarritos saborizados no son tan dañosos como los cigarrillos, demostrando mas allá del colorido empacaje a una realidad peligrosa.
The Truth About Flavor is a youth leadership and media production pilot program in South Central Los Angeles about flavored cigarillos. A collaboration between Legacy, Public Matters, L. A. Freewaves, and students from Community Health Advocates School (CHAS) at Augustus Hawkins High School, it seeks to cultivate a cadre of youth health advocates who are motivated and poised to inform their community about the dangers of flavored cigarillos. is a project of Counter Tools. Counter Tools (logo)