Tobacco Retailer Licensing Playbook

Licensing, Policy Advocacy, Retailer Density

TRL_Playbook_FINAL_20150511-1ChangeLab Solutions recently released the Tobacco Retailer Licensing Playbook, a new resource outlining ten strategies for developing, implementing, and enforcing effective tobacco retailer licensing (TRL) policies. These include:

  1. Conduct an Environmental Assessment
  2. Define the Problem
  3. Assess the Legal Landscape
  4. Convene a Community Coalition
  5. Educate Decision Makers and the Public
  6. Create and Adopt a Strong TRL Policy
  7. Calculate Costs to Implement and Enforce TRL
  8. Work with Relevant Agencies to Implement and Enforce TRL Policy
  9. Collect Data and Evaluate the TRL Policy
  10. Additional Uses for TRL

To learn more about each of these steps, DOWNLOAD IT HERE

Tobacco retailer licensing policies, which require businesses to purchase a special government-issued retail license in order to sell tobacco products, are one of the most lasting strategies to impact the density, type, and location of tobacco retailers. They can help reduce youth access to tobacco, ensure compliance with local laws, and reduce retail availability of tobacco and the subsequent negative public health effects of tobacco use.

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