Reversing Preemption: A Colorado Case Study

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Preemption is the way by which the authority of a “lower” level of government is limited by a “higher” level of government. The tobacco industry and its allies have continued to use preemptive strategies to deter efforts made especially at the local-level. Preemption is one of the biggest challenges in tobacco control and can impede policy change. However, reversing preemption is possible! States like CO provide a good example of the process and path to reversing preemption. During this webinar, part of Counter Tools’ Healthy POS Webinar Series, we discuss Colorado’s experience with preemption and efforts made to advance policy within the state. Local-level case studies and the state preemption bill are discussed to show Colorado’s path to reversing preemption as an example for others! Speakers include:

  • Mandy Ivanov, Health Promotion Coordinator with Eagle County Public Health and Environment
  • Jodi Radke, Regional Director at the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids
  • Jill Bednarek, Tobacco Policy Initiatives Supervisor at the Colorado Department of Health and Environment
  • Moderator: Jackie Boards, Project Director at Counter Tools

Download the slides here and view the recording here or below: 

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