OTP on the Rise

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Counter Tobacco noted the rise of other tobacco products (OTP) as one of our 5 POS Trends to Watch and the industry seems to agree.

Industry reports point to OTP and e-cigarettes as key areas of anticipated growth for tobacco. Industry analysts have indicated that the consumption of e-cigs could surpass that of traditional cigarettes in the next decade. The industry is making sure they are ready to accommodate these products at the point-of-sale as traditional cigarette smoking continues to decline.

This category of products, also called non-cigarette tobacco products, is currently less regulated than traditional cigarette products.  The FDA is seeking comments on what changes to smokeless tobacco warning statements would ‘promote greater public understanding of the risks associate with the use of smokeless tobacco products.’

Looking for more information and POS policy opportunities to stay ahead of the curve of these up and coming products?  Check out our page on Non-Cigarette Tobacco Products and POS Policies.

OTP story
OTP, E-Cigarettes Take Driver’s Seat in Tobacco Category
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