New Youth and Community Engagement Activity: A Point of Sale Photovoice Project

Policy Advocacy, Youth is pleased to announce the release of our newest youth and community engagement activity:

Focus on Big Tobacco: A Point of Sale Photovoice Project

CoverOnly_CounterTobacco_PhotovoiceProject_FINAL_2015.01.08The stores that youth visit every day are saturated with tobacco marketing. This marketing causes youth to start smoking, keeps current smokers hooked, and makes it harder to quit. Now youth can use the power of photography to speak out about what they see in their communities.

Photos and visuals offer advocates a powerful tool to show others with decision-making power what the industry is doing at the point of sale. This guide uses the photo voice technique to expose the marketing strategies used by the tobacco industry and, by involving youth in the documentation process, to educate communities about the risk of this marketing. Education about the problem and exposing the industries’ tactics are critical components to help tobacco control advocates build support for and enact health-promoting policy interventions.


Check out our Youth and Community Engagement Center for more activities that help tobacco advocates mobilize youth to address and curb tobacco within their neighborhoods. is a project of Counter Tools. Counter Tools (logo)
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