New Tobacco Control Guides

Advertising Restictions, Media Campaign, Non-Tax Price Increases, Policy Advocacy, Price Promotions, Retailer Density

CPHSS_ControlGuides_0Earlier this month, the Center for Public Health Systems (CPHSS), in conjunction with the Tobacco Control Legal Consortium (TCLC), released two new tobacco control guides: “Pricing Policy” and”Policy Strategies.” Each 32-page manual provides tobacco control advocates with practical guidance on choosing effective tobacco control policies for their communities.

The Policy Strategies Guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to select and implement evidence-based policies, garner and leverage the power of media outlets and prepare for tobacco industry opposition. This guide includes specific action steps for addressing tobacco point-of-sale (POS) issues via policy change including raising the price of tobacco products, limiting tobacco retailer density and restricting POS tobacco marketing. For more information on ways to address POS issues in your community, visit Counter Tobacco’s Policy Solutions resource page.

The Pricing Policy Guide solely focuses on how tobacco control advocates can raise the price of tobacco products including other tobacco products (OTP) such as smokeless tobacco, little cigars and roll-your-own (RYO) products. The guide includes tax and non-tax approaches to increasing tobacco product prices, allocating revenues, preventing policy loopholes and combating tobacco industry opposition. For more information on raising the price of tobacco products, also visit Counter Tobacco’s Raising Tobacco Prices Through Non-Tax Approaches resource page. is a project of Counter Tools. Counter Tools (logo)
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