New Store Assessment for Vape Shops Released for Two-Week Open Comment Period

E-Cigarettes, Store Assessments, Vape Shops

The long-awaited draft of the

Standardized Tobacco Assessment for Retail Settings: Vape Shops (vSTARS)

has arrived!

vSTARS is an observational store assessment form designed to measure product availability, flavors, marketing and health messaging present in vape shops and head shops. This instrument was modeled after the original STARS and can be completed by local, state, and federal tobacco control advocates or researchers. vSTARS collects data to inform policy and is not intended to assess compliance with regulations.

vstars form image
vstars training manual

Try out the form and provide us with any comments, suggestions, or questions over the next two weeks! We welcome feedback on both the vSTARS form and the Training Manual until July 22nd. Please send feedback to or

vSTARS (beta release) will officially launch at the end of July! is a project of Counter Tools. Counter Tools (logo)
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