Healthy Point of Sale Webinar: Better Conversations About Health Equity and Tobacco POS Strategies

Disparities, Policy Advocacy, Webinars


On April 13th, 2023, Counter Tools hosted a webinar as part of our Healthy Point of Sale Webinar Series titled, “Better Conversations about Health Equity and Tobacco Point of Sale Strategies”

Speaker: Dr. Julie Sweetland, PhD (she/hers), Senior Advisor, FrameWorks Institute

Description: This webinar focused on messaging around the topics of tobacco, point-of-sale, and health equity to answer questions like: How can we talk about health equity in ways that resonate? How can we have conversations about tobacco-related health disparities without reinforcing stereotypes and stigma? What are ways to explain why point-of-sale strategies are important to health equity? Overall, Dr. Julie Sweetland helped attendees understand some effective ways to message about health equity from a tobacco perspective, and best practices to support talking with different audiences. If interested in learning more about messaging to strengthen your work, check out this webinar! 

Download the slides here and view the recording here or below: is a project of Counter Tools. Counter Tools (logo)
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