FDA Public Workshop June 1-2: E-Cigarettes and the Public Health

E-Cigarettes, FDA

The FDA will hold a public workshop on June 1-2 focusing on the impact of e-cigarettes on population health. Topics will include:FDA

  • Prevalence and patterns of use
  • Impacts on the use of current tobacco products
  • Uptake of e-cigarettes by non-users of tobacco products
  • Health effects of e-cigarettes in non-users
  • Knowledge, attitudes, beliefs, and perceptions about e-cigarette productsIMG_0063.web_

This workshop is the final in a series of three focused on electronic cigarettes and public health, intended to better inform the FDA about these products. The information gathered at these workshops will not inform the FDA’s pending deeming regulation for additional tobacco products, as the open comment period regarding the proposed rule ended August 8, 2014. However, it may inform other or additional regulations, as well as assist them in carrying out the law if it moves forward. At the start of the first workshop, the FDA announced the opening of a docket for submission of written comments. Now you can view the Responses to FDA questions of E-Cigarettes and the Public Health provided by UCSF Tobacco Centers of Regulatory Science (TCORS).

The first workshop in this series, held in December 2014, focused on product science, protective packaging, labeling, and the environmental impact of e-cigarettes. The second, held in March 2015, focused on the effects of e-cigarettes on individual health. Webcasts and transcripts from the earlier two workshops can be found online here and here.

Webcasts will also be available. Find full information here.


  • Request to serve as a presenter or panelist by April 3rd
  • Register to attend in person or by webcast by May 20th
  • Request to speak during the public comment session by May 20th
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