Point of Sale Tobacco Marketing Photo Contest

The Surgeon General says that exposure to retail marketing encourages smoking and undermines quit attempts. According to the Federal Trade Commission’s reports on marketing expenditures for cigarettes, smokeless tobacco, and … Read More

WEBINAR: Equity at the Tobacco Point of Sale

How can health equity inspire local policy work? What commercial tobacco prevention strategies at the point of sale can promote health equity? How can the policy process build community power? … Read More

#TakeDownTobacco National Day of Action

On Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids' #TakeDownTobacco National Day of Action, youth advocates across the country will come together to call Big Tobacco’s bluff and expose them for who they really are: jokers who gamble with people’s lives. The stakes couldn’t be higher. Big Tobacco is running new PR campaigns claiming they’re the good guys! They say … Read More

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