E-Issue of Tobacco Control all about POS and the Retail Environment

Advertising Restictions, Displays/Display Ban, Health Warnings, Product Packaging

e1.coverThis month’s e-issue of Tobacco Control, “The Pack and the Retail Environment” is all about tobacco control at the point of sale.

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It contains research on a number of policy and regulatory solutions, including graphic warning labels and packaging restrictions, the impacts of tobacco retail outlet density, and the impact of tobacco product display bans and restrictions.

Tobacco marketing matters.  The environment in which tobacco products are sold matters. In this issue’s editorial, Dr. Lisa Henrikson writes about the retail environment for tobacco as a barometer of progress towards the endgame (spoiler alert: we’ve got work to do). For background on why the retail setting has become so important in reducing tobacco use, read about the “War in the Store” and why retail tobacco control is important.

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