Display Ban Update

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We’ve updated our “Policy Solutions” to reflect a progressive new product placement policy enacted by the Village of Haverstraw, NY, banning the display of tobacco products at stores that are open to minors. This policy came about through the dedicated efforts of policymakers and advocates in the Village of Haverstraw, addressing product placement as a priority policy area of the New York State Tobacco Control Program of the Department of Health.

Unfortunately, this ban was contested by the New York Association of Convenience Stores and 7 tobacco companies, who filed a lawsuit defending their first amendment rights to freedom of speech. To avoid engaging in a costly court battle, the small town of Haverstraw decided to withdraw its ban. Read the latest on this story and tobacco product display bans here.

Call to share your story: If you have been involved with these or similar efforts, we would like to hear your story! What were your experiences? How did your neighborhood, town, or county limit placement of tobacco products in stores?

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