Counter Tobacco teams up with the Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids for Kick Butts Day 2013

Retailer Density, Store Assessments, Stores Near Schools, Youth

Check out the Featured Activities on the Kick Butts Day Site to see Counter Tobacco’s three new Point-of-Sale focused youth engagement activities! These activities are perfect for building awareness and getting youth engaged in combating the War in the Store.

The three activities, listed below, are available now on Kick Butts Day site!

PB120015Walking Tobacco Audit

Can you guess how many tobacco retailers kids in your community see on their way to school? Don’t know? Here’s your chance to find out.

A walking tobacco audit offers youth a chance to see how many tobacco retailers and how many tobacco advertisements are located along their route to school. Participants will identify the number of tobacco retailers along the major routes to school and tally the tobacco product names, brands, and prices that can be seen from outside those stores.

Point of Sale Scavenger HuntPOS scavenger hunt photo_0

Do you know what the tobacco industry has lurking in your community? Have you seen where it’s lurking? Every day we see tobacco advertisements or displays in the same stores where we buy milk and medicine. Help open eyes to POS issues in your community with this activity.

Youth teams compete to identify the most problematic tobacco industry activities in their area by visiting stores and documenting what they find. Scavenger hunt items include: 20-packs of flavored little cigars priced at less than $2.00 per pack or tobacco products displayed near candy.

Tobacco Retailer Nation86520883_crop

Communities are saturated with fast food restaurants.  But how about tobacco retailers?  What if our Fast Food Nation is really more of a Tobacco Retailer Nation? Find out how your community stacks up with this activity.

Tobacco control advocates map tobacco retailers and fast food restaurants in their community.  This activity helps show the density of tobacco retailers- -the number of outlets selling tobacco for a given geographic location or population size- compared with fast food restaurant density. This exercise can create a compelling argument and visual evidence to limit the number of tobacco retailers; for example, nationally, there are about 30 tobacco retailers for every one McDonalds. is a project of Counter Tools. Counter Tools (logo)
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