Counter Tobacco Podcast Episode 9 – Tobacco and America: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

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In this episode, we talk with Jake Wilson, a junior and statistics major at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, who has been taking a service-learning course titled “Tobacco and America,” which “examines the complex significances of tobacco—a plant of great local importance to North Carolina—by placing it in a variety of historical, interdisciplinary, and experiential contexts.” For his service-leaning component, Jake has spent some time with Counter Tools getting to know the point-of-sale side of tobacco control. As someone new to the topic, we talk about his major take-a-ways from the class, reflections on the historical role that tobacco has played in the US, what that means today, and what Jake now sees as the point-of-sale policy priorities to address to minimize the tobacco industry’s influence in the future.

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