CDC Report Breaks Down Cigar Type Use

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While cigarette use has declined during 2000 to 2011, cigar use has doubled during the same time frame [1]. This week the Center for Disease Control (CDC) released its Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report highlighting cigar use among adults in the US. Using data from the 2012-2013 National Adult Tobacco Survey (NATS), this new report breaks down what types of cigars are smoked using the following categories: little filtered cigars (LFCs), cigarillos/other mass market cigars (MMCs), and premium cigars. The analysis indicates that 61.8% of US adult cigar smokers smoke cigarillos/MMCs, 19.9% smoke premium cigars and 18.4% smoke LFCs (See Figure 1) [2].CigarTypeUseCDC_PieChart

Report results indicated that 58.3% of usual smokers of cigarillos and MMCs also currently smoked cigarettes [2]. Similarly, 75.2% of LFC users reported that they also currently smoked cigarettes [2]. These findings suggest that dual use of cigar and cigarette products may be prevalent.

The report also breaks down the gender, ethnicity, geographical region, socioeconomic status and sexual orientation of those who smoke specific types of cigars. Among cigar smokers, little cigars were the product of choice among African-Americans (82.6%) [2]. Little cigars also proved to be popular among young adults between the ages of 18 and 29 (72.1%) [2]. The use of LFCs was greater among lesbian, gay and bisexual cigar smokers (35.6%) compared to heterosexual cigar smokers (17.6%).

For more information on the importance of these findings in relation to the FDA’s deeming regulations, read Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids’ and American Lung Association’s press releases. Additionally, Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids released a 2013 comprehensive report, “Not My Grandfather’s Cigar: A New Generation of Cheap and Sweet Cigars Threatens a New Generation of Kids,” that discusses the increased popularity of cigars among youth.


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