A resource for local, state, and federal organizations working to counteract tobacco product sales and marketing at the point of sale.

War in the Store

 A ‘War in the Store’ started twenty years ago and the battle rages on...Tobacco companies now spend the vast majority of their advertising and promotional dollars at the point of sale, vying for customer hearts and minds. This “War in the Store” was triggered in 1993 when Philip Morris heavily discounted its Marlboro brand, and other tobacco companies followed suit to compete. While the Master Settlement Agreement of 1998 (an agreement between the major tobacco companies and 46 state attorney generals) curtailed some tobacco company advertising,  for instance, by getting rid of Joe...


What is preemption, and why does it matter for countering tobacco marketing and sales at retail locations?Preemption is when the authority of one level of government to regulate an issue is limited...
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