How to Reduce Tobacco Retailer Density and Why

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Introducing an infographic of talking points and strategies Communities with many tobacco stores—and many stores near one another—often bear the brunt of tobacco use. Greater concentration and higher numbers of tobacco retailers, as well as retailers’ proximity to schools, have been associated with higher rates of youth smoking, higher rates of cigarettes smoked per day, … Read More

Queens – Bayside Tobacco Proliferation by Jackie

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This animation was made by Jackie Shi, a student at Queens High School for the Sciences at York College about tobacco proliferation in the Bayside neighborhood of Brooklyn in NYC. See more videos about tobacco proliferation made by high school students working with NYC Smoke Free here:

News and Research Roundup

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Welcome to’s “News and Research Roundup!” Each month we post a summary of the latest research, reports, and news stories on counteracting tobacco product sales and marketing at the point of sale (POS). Keeping up with what’s happening in the POS movement all across the country can help you choose policies and strategies that work best … Read More

Tobacco Map Reflection

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Hi everybody! I am William Brody, an intern at this summer. Tobacco in all of its forms affects many people in my age group, and I wanted to research it to find out more about it. I created a map that details tobacco retailers in the Research Triangle area in North Carolina (Durham, Raleigh, … Read More

Webinar on Reducing Tobacco Retailer Density

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Controlling Your Own Density: Strategies to Reduce the Number of Tobacco Outlets in Your Community May 3rd, 2016 11:00am PDT/ 2:00pm EDT Because the density of tobacco retailers is associated with increased tobacco use and initiation, many communities are implementing strategies to reduce the density of tobacco outlets, particularly in low-income neighborhoods and communities of … Read More

Exposure to POS E-Cig Advertisements Associated with E-Cig Use Among Middle and High School Students

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A new CDC study published in the journal Pediatrics found that exposure to e-cigarette advertising in forms including online, print media (in newspapers and magazines), and in the retail setting is associated with e-cigarette use among middle and high school students. The association also increases in magnitude as exposure increases – the greater the exposure … Read More