News and Research Round Up

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Welcome to’s third installment of our new “News and Research Roundup!” Each month we’ll be posting a summary of the latest research, reports, and news stories on counteracting tobacco product sales and marketing at the point of sale (POS). Keeping up with what’s happening in the POS movement all across the country can help you choose … Read More

Don’t Be a Target

Advertising Restictions, Media Campaign, Youth

Smoking rates in the US are declining, but Big Tobacco is doing everything in its power to entice “replacement smokers” and to continue raking in profits by selling the ONLY consumer product that kills when used exactly as intended. #DontBeATarget

Robbing the Future

E-Cigarettes, Media Campaign, Youth

Cigarette companies have a long history of marketing to youth. “Robbing the Future” explores the various ways the tobacco industry targets young people, the growing popularity of emerging products, such as e-cigarettes, and the dangers associated with those products. If we don’t do more to prevent youth from starting to smoke, one out of every … Read More

Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids launches National Campaign to “Shop Tobacco-Free”

Healthy Retailers, Media Campaign, Pharmacies

The Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids recently launched a new national campaign aimed at getting more retailers to stop selling tobacco. The campaign centers around a website,, which features an interactive map showing locations of tobacco-free retailers based on your location and encourages consumers to shop tobacco-free. The website also includes a “Wall of Fame” and … Read More

Kids and the Tobacco Predator

Media Campaign, Policy Advocacy, Youth

Tobacco Free CA showed these kids some products purchased at a nearby store and asked them what they thought. What they didn’t know is that each one was a tobacco product. Check out “Kids and the Tobacco Predator” to see how they react.

Point of Sale Strategies Tobacco Control Guide

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The Center for Public Health Systems Science at Washington University in St. Louis, in partnership with the Tobacco Control Legal Consortium, just released a much-needed POS resource, a tobacco control guide specifically focused on point-of-sale strategies. The document offers guidance for choosing appropriate strategies to limit the sale, display, and advertising of tobacco products in … Read More

Webinar: Coalescing Public Health Champions Around the Retail Environment: California’s Healthy Stores for a Healthy Community Campaign

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Presenters: Tonia Hagaman, MPH, California Tobacco Control Program Jonathan M. Isler, PhD, California Tobacco Control Program Jennifer Miller, California Tobacco Control Program Tonia Hagaman, Jonathan M. Isler, and Jennifer Miller of the California Tobacco Control Program highlighted findings of the Healthy Stores for a Healthy Community campaign. The initiative was designed to show the impact … Read More