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Fact: There are more cigarette ads in black neighborhoods. It’s not a coincidence, it’s profiling. Watch truth correspondent Amanda Seales lay out the facts. A new truth® campaign called #STOPPROFILING shines a light on how the tobacco industry deliberately singles out communities that already face adversity and inequality with aggressive marketing tactics that equal profiling. … Read More

New Surgeon General’s Report: E-Cigarette Use Among Youth and Young Adults

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Over 50 years ago, in 1964, the Surgeon General announced with the first Surgeon General’s Report on Smoking and Health that cigarette smoking causes lung cancer and that something should be done to prevent harm. This announcement served as a catalyst for tobacco control and research that has since prevented more than 8 million premature deaths.  Today, Surgeon … Read More

Clearing the Clouds: Demystifying the Vape Shop

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Vape shops, or retail stores that specialize in e-cigarettes and related products, seem to be popping up everywhere. Although the total number of vape shops in the United States is unknown due to a current lack of regulatory and licensing policies, estimates range anywhere from 3,500 to 35,000 and growing. During this webinar, the presenters … Read More

News and Research Roundup

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Welcome to CounterTobacco.org’s “News and Research Roundup!” Each month we post a summary of the latest research, reports, and news stories on counteracting tobacco product sales and marketing at the point of sale (POS). Keeping up with what’s happening in the POS movement all across the country can help you choose policies and strategies that work best … Read More

News from New Zealand: Point of Sale Display Ban Working

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A recent evaluation of New Zealand’s point of sale tobacco display ban shows significant drops in youth smoking rates and smoking experimentation. Previous research has shown a strong relationship between visits to stores selling tobacco and smoking initiation.[1] As shown in this study, take the tobacco display (e.g. a powerwall) away, and that relationship weakens significantly. In July … Read More

New Point of Sale Report to the Nation shows increased policy activity since 2012

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The latest Point of Sale Report of the Nation: Realizing the Power of States and Communities to Change the Tobacco Retail and Policy Landscape was released earlier this week. This report, the third in a series of Point of Sale Reports to the Nation since 2012, is the product of a collaboration between the Center for Public … Read More

Exposure to POS E-Cig Advertisements Associated with E-Cig Use Among Middle and High School Students

Advertising Restictions, E-Cigarettes, Flavors (including Menthol), Stores Near Schools, Youth

A new CDC study published in the journal Pediatrics found that exposure to e-cigarette advertising in forms including online, print media (in newspapers and magazines), and in the retail setting is associated with e-cigarette use among middle and high school students. The association also increases in magnitude as exposure increases – the greater the exposure … Read More